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Pollution control project introduction

       The company has consistently adhered to the "enterprise development, development of the concept of environmental protection first", has invested more than 6800 yuan, the construction of the black liquor extraction workshop, black liquor evaporation station,Sulfonation modification, spray drying workshop, the installation of super efficiency shallow air flotation water purifier treatment facilities. Independent research and development of the paper-making black liquor resource comp rehensive utilization technology, won the fiveXiang Guojia innovation patent.
      In ten years in support of two provincial level environmental protection departments under the company of black liquor resource technology, constantly increasing input, in-depth development, the equipment, technologyTechnology, market and other aspects have made gratifying achievements; in 1999 October, the paper-making black liquor resource technology has obtained the certificate of identification of provincial science and Technology Commission of science and technology achievements (HenanKejian Wei word "1999 No. 418th).
      In 2005 the construction of a 20000m3/d intermediate water treatment project, the project adopts advanced aerobic activated sludge process, by the Shaanxi University of Science and Technology Institute of paperDesign, construction organization of Henan province construction company, a total investment of 17500000 yuan.In 2009 May the implementation of the new pulp and paper industrial water pollution discharge standards, drainage COD concentrations stabilized at about 70mg/L, far lower than the national standard90mg/L.


Interrupted water treatment plant aeration tank


Resource Engineering of black liquor

Environmental protection policy:
       Our company adhering to the "the faith to write in the blue sky, the green to the earth, the civilization to the human" the concept of environmental protection, environmental protection policy is formulated as follows.
      Everyone involved in the Enhance the awareness of environmental protection Unity and hard work To ensure clean production Continuous improvement To achieve energy-saving emission reduction Harmonious coexistence To create green enterprises.