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From papermaking to printing - the children experience the charm of ancient civilization Chinese


On December 20, 2015, industry in a well-known paper company "I am small paper home volunteer activities into the sunshine printing experience base" time stamp ", for 32 children brought a lively and interesting" paper "and" printing "experience.

Activity starts from papermaking experience and industry volunteers with illustrated courseware to the kids about the history of the development of papermaking, and to the industry, a well-known enterprises as an example, kids to show the status of one of the world's leading pulp and paper enterprises and efforts in environmental protection, advocate everyone together to protect the environment, save paper. Subsequently, the volunteers and children together, the use of DIY paper machine will be used to shred the waste paper, pulp, pulp, molding, squeezing, drying, a new paper is made out.

After the success of the paper, the time stamp of the teachers from start to kids Professor movable type printing knowledge, to be master kids, everyone began to with small movable type printing equipment in building his own good paper printed with words and pictures.

The scene to observe the parents said, this activity is very meaningful, children can not only learn knowledge, improve their ability, and the whole process is very happy, hope to be able to organize such activities in the future.

Dengzhou City Huaxin Paper Co., Ltd. is currently Dengzhou City, the largest production enterprises, operating scale is biggest, the technology and equipment and the level of environmental protection leading paper-making production line, is the pulp and paper industry, industrial upgrading, technological progress, the development of green benchmarking enterprise.

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