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Dengzhou City Huaxin Paper Co. Ltd. New Year message


In this farewell to the old and ushering in the new moments, Dengzhou City Huaxin Paper Co., Ltd. this New Year Festival occasion, to always care and support the development of the company social friends from all walks of life, I would like to extend New Year greetings! To all employees of the company and their families in the past year, for the development of the company made positive efforts and important contribution, said sincere thanks!

In the new century, I was filled with a thousand regrets. Facing the challenge of knowledge economy in the fifth wave of scientific and technological development, it is important to explain how talented people are. It is the wealth of the country and the hope of the revitalization. We should be brave enough to take on the world by the trust, we need to cross century generation, is the true master of the 21 century. The ideal of their own life and the motherland, the times, the fate of the people, to establish lofty ideals, cultivate good moral character, to carry forward the spirit of innovation, to master the practical ability, diligent study, determined to become a new century, the socialist cause builders and successors.

Grand plan has been drawn, has sounded the clarion call; ambition in mind, always in the foot. Let us be full of passion to innovate the glorious century.

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