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Brief introduction of Dengzhou Huaxin Paper Co., Ltd.

       Dengzhou Huaxin Paper Co., Ltd, is a private technology enterprises in comprehensive utilization of clean pulping, papermaking, paper mill black liquor production, headquartered in Dengzhou Industrial Cluster District Service Center building.
      The company has a total of three production base, covers an area of 800 acres, 38 production workshop, 1200 employees. The main production of "Hua crown" brand of high-grade cultural paper, "Fan Gongxuan" brand high-end calligraphy and painting, "Hua crown" brand paper capacitor special fiber board, regenerated tobacco sheet special fiber board and other special paper, "Pegasus" brand series of products of lignin. With an annual output of 150000 tons of culture paper, special paper and paperboard 50000 tons, 20000 tons of lignin products. The output value of 1200000000 yuan. Cultural paper. Using the advanced production equipment and technology, can produce various specifications and types of high-grade cultural paper, to meet the different needs of customers. Long term since, persistent technological innovation, strict product quality control and the service, the credibility of the first, customer-oriented principle, to ensure excellent product quality stability, to provide cost-effective products and high-end service for the customer, make the production and sales, supply, products are sold to Guangdong, Fujian, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Hubei and Hunan, Shaanxi, Shandongetc..
      Special paper, mainly in the quality of Eulaliopsis binata, Pteroceltis bark, Broussonetia papyrifera bark, kenaf bast fiber such as raw materials, unique technology manufacturing, products are mainly exported to foreign countries.
      Lignin is the product of national innovation patent technology company governance of paper-making black liquor, founded the scientific research center, invest a lot of manpower and material resources, research and development of lignin product depth, after nearly ten years of efforts, won again and again a major breakthrough, the production of lignin sulfonic acid sodium and calcium lignosulfonate as water coal slurry additives, briquette adhesive strengthening agent, concrete admixtures, nitrogen fertilizer slow releasing agent, sand fixing agent widely used in industrial and agricultural production a number of areas, a huge market space, especially the SFP method wood company and Nanjing forestry science cooperation in the development of lignin sand fixation agent, governance of Chinese desert, has far-reaching significance. At present the company profits of lignin products unit has exceeded the cultural paper profits. Not only solve the problem of pollution governance, but also create considerable economic benefits for the company.
      Dengzhou Huaxin Paper Co. Ltd., height pays close attention to human and environment harmony, always adhere to the "enterprise development, environmental protection first" philosophy, in the subordinate companies, the use of advanced equipment, advanced technology, high standard construction of pollution control projects, efflux mouth the installation of automatic online monitoring facilities, to ensure long-term stable discharge standards.
      Dengzhou Huaxin Paper Co., is the chairman Ma crown pulp, papermaking, paper making black liquor company, warmly welcome friends from all circles to visit and give guidance.
      Address: Dengzhou city Henan Industrial Cluster District Service center.
      Tel: 0377-62828777-62868777-62637978-6263725